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Healing Ministry of Divine Mercy -

“We are but one Love, each a reflection of God’s Love to each other”

Enjoying the day with my
buddy, Lucas

Easter Message

Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia!

Every Easter morning, we experience a rebirth of our world
thanks to the love of our beloved Lord.  And so, we must
give thanks for the gift of eternal salvation.

When we look back upon the past year, can we say that we
have lived our lives with love, peace, and mercy as He did?
For His life is the standard by which we are called to live.

Let us resolve to live this year with a new commitment to
love, peace, and mercy.  Let us ask God for the grace to 
accept His will for us.  And let us love Him and each other
with heroic love.

Peace and all good things,

Brother Paul